Kwekerij Roodpunt was founded in 2015, when two enthusiastic entrepreneurs saw the potential of the Sweet Palermo and Sweetbite pointed peppers. The company started with 16 acres of greenhouses and has grown to 153 acres by 2021.

What can we

  • We offer year-round Dutch production of Sweetbite, and almost year-round production of Palermo. In the winter we offer products from Spain and Morocco

  • Annual programs, seasonal programs, weekly programs and daily orders are possible

  • Any desired packaging can be made 

  • Various certifications are possible: IFS Broker & QS Agency

  • And at the grower level: Global G.A.P., GRASP, QS, Planet Proof and SEDEX self-assessment

  • There is a state-of-the-art packing hall with flow packers, top seal and baggers

Our products

Red, Yellow

Red, Yellow, Orange

Red, Yellow, Orange

Red, Yellow, Green

Sweet pointed pepper recipes:

Grilled vegetables with Sweet Palermo

Roasted Sweet Palermo and tomato soup

Go to Sweet Palermo for more recipes:

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