About us

  • Kwekerij Roodpunt was founded in 2015 by two enthusiastic entrepreneurs, who saw the potential of Sweet Palermo and Sweetbite pointed peppers.
  • 13 production sites in the following locations: America, Meer (Belgium), Melderslo, Horst, Poeldijk, Den Hoorn, Vierpolders (2 locations), de Lier (3 locations), Bleiswijk and Nispen
  • 62 hectares of greenhouses by 2021

Green energy sources

Greenhouses limit light pollution, use or generate green energy and reduce gas emissions

Always fresh from the source

We strive to get the products to the customers as fresh as possible so that they can experience the best taste.

Any packaging material is possible

We make sure that the customers get their desired packaging, anything is possible. We also ensure that the packaging produces as little residual waste as possible.

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